We Are Technology offers the following Guarantee/Bill of Rights to all of our customers:

1) “Custom” software is really custom.
As a vendor of high quality custom software, each client’s needs are different. And therefore each project is different.  As such We Are Technology uses custom code for our projects created in house.

2) You own your source code.
The project you have us create is yours. You own your source code.  Also, during the development process, you have access to view status and download current code and project components.

3) Scope includes all the good ideas.
Project Scope is a term used to define the functions and parameters of a given application.  We work with you to define this while still allowing flexibility to add to your project as we develop.  It is normal to think of new ideas or change processes during development.  And if something goes well beyond scope, we can work with you to greatly reduce costs to include the additional function.

4) Yes, there is a warranty.
Most software vendors don’t warranty their work.  We do.  If you find a bug in anything having to do with the original functions we provided from 90 days after delivery, we will fix it.