Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

26 Years Of Tech

We Are Technology is celebrating 26 years.

Technology has changed.

We help you keep up.

Our Software Is Quick, Lean, and Market-Focused.

With 26 years of expertise in software development, we have already faced most issues.  Don’t pay for a programmer to learn.  Engage for the software your company needs made by the experts.

Update Deployment

Keeping your systems up to date with the latest features is part of our long term support system.

Fully Configurable

Do you need a feature specifically for your business?  Done!

White Label

Create a product you can rebrand and redistribute based on your needs.

Our Applications Cover Diverse Corporate Markets

Join the We Are Technology family of businesses.

Through Creativity, Integrity & Innovation

Why Choose Our Services?

We Are Technology has delivered business focused software for two decades.  We know cloud, mobile, desktop, and how to engage the customer.  We know how to make it work.

Ensuring Your Systems Are Functional

Our Software is quick, lean, and market-focused.

Bring the experience of modern tech to your employees and customers.  Streamline your user experience.

Picture of connected earth.
Picture of connected earth.

Ensuring Your Systems Are Functional

We Are Technology is the perfect choice for your business software needs.

We understand mission critical.   We understand “it has to work”.  We also understand you have a budget.