I am pretty good on a computer. I may not be an expert but I can do all the normal expected tasks on a computer that any employer would require such as using office type software, design software, browsers, adding software and hardware to a setup, and can change settings to customize the desktop for pictures, fonts, and screen sizes.   I don’t have any problems attaching files to emails and so forth and know how to update or add software like Adobe Acrobat to be able to look at pdfs files.   My first computer was an Atari with an ultra clear black and white screen with no actual hard drive.   We used the 3.5 floppy disks with software on them and relied on the ram D drive, which was like virtual or cache memory.   This all sounds very primitive now, but it was amazing to have for writing college papers and my own personal manuscripts.   I played a few games, but the computer was a vital tool for me for my education and my creative outlet, which was writing.

Now I am faced with an unpleasant situation.   I have this beautiful Lenovo Ultrabook that is an i7, but I can barely make it work for the things I need to do.   I just got through having a Toshibi i7 that came with a faulty keyboard and a used hard drive, and no, it was not refurbished but brand new.   This last Toshiba was also the cause for the NetObjects software to not run correctly nor the Wacom tablet, and countless other odd problems that I have had to endure over the past years.   So I decided to never buy a Toshiba laptop ever again after having 3 ones previously that I loved.   The Lenovo works great except for one problem – it has Windows 8 on it.

Now, I am not opposed to learning how to use the touch screens and trying something that is new as long as it works.   Windows 8 doesn’t work right.   It seems like I am constantly restarting the computer to make some kind of glitch or malfunction stop.   The shutdown menu doesn’t always work correctly and there are glitches between the tile menu area and the normal traditional desktop screen.   Constant problems with being able to open File Explorer.    I am no longer able to do normal work routines such as open a folder select the multiple files I wish to open and have them open up in Adobe Photoshop.   It appears that I can only “right click” on a single item and select for it to be opened in Photoshop.   The other day I tried to create a new folder and the software seize up and refused to allow such a simple task to happen. And that is a simple task.   Remember the line command md….. Okay, perhaps some of you don’t, but I remember it and I was not that good with line commands, but one could always organize and structure their files so that things would not get lost or forgotten.   It seems like Windows 8 is designed not for getting things done but getting lost and wasting time.   I found a great link to a website that shows old black and white westerns on it, which was great fun, but that does not help me write my blogs, edit my photos, design websites, or create graphics for social media.

Admiral Ackbar  - Star Wars character

Admiral Ackbar – Star Wars character

This Windows 8 software is not for businesses or people who actually want to accomplish something using their laptop.   I have no idea how one could use this only on a tablet and get anything of any complexity done.   All I can say is don’t get this.   I keep hearing Admiral Ackbar yelling, “It’s a trap!”   It may be fine for people who just use the computer for surfing the web, email, and looking at pictures, but anything more than that is a disaster.   If you are a business, your older and more experienced employees will lose valuable productivity because they will be fighting with this mess that should only be for people who use a laptop or tablet for recreational purposes.

I am amazed that Microsoft would even think that such a product would be viable for the home and office market.   I was lucky enough to be spared the whole Vista nonsense, but I am sure that those who had can understand this disaster better than I.   But still, if you had the experience of the Vista disaster, then why would you make another one?    Is there some kind of business failure tax break that I don’t understand?   Is there some kind of odd drama oriented marketing mindset of spin the roulette wheel and see what you get ploy?   Well, if there is, stop it.   It is not working.   This is a terrible product from a company that should really know better.

Meanwhile I stare at my Lenovo wondering what it would be like to make it work at its full potential, and if I will lose all the opportunities that are springing up around me because I can’t do the things I need to do because of the limitations of this messed up Operating System.   I am actually ill at ease and nervous about my future because I cannot work.  I feel like I am going to let my Team Members down because of this.

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PS – Today’s latest problems are that I can’t get Google Chrome to launch anymore, which is one of the browsers that I need to use on a regular basis.