Software Frustration 02 1000wThose of you who know me or follow our company’s social media may know that I had to recently purchase a new laptop and was forced into using Windows 8.    And if you look at the amount of social media and company blogs that have been written, you can tell this happened in early August since there are very few blogs and other posts.    My laptop is a vital tool for what I do.     It’s like the handyman who carries a tool box – we need these tools to get the job done.

Yes, we have thought of going backwards to Windows 7 since that actually worked, but the new operating system and having to reload has caused software problems.    Some stuff is missing and we can’t find the disk or some crazy software company has said we could only have one install despite the fact that we purchased the program and own the darn disk.     It’s nothing but nightmares.    I hate reloading the laptop, which also causes nothing but nightmares.    Yes, I can hear someone out there saying to store stuff on the cloud and use software on the cloud.     That’s okay for people who don’t write novels and want to protect their property and people who don’t use software like Photoshop and ACAD software.    These programs need to be on the hard drive and not relying on some Internet connectivity to make it work correctly.    Work can be too easily lost.     And being an artist – we don’t react well to losing hours of work and then losing the zen moment of creativity that is lost by malfunctioning tools.    Having to be connected to the Internet to do anything removes one’s freedom to work whenever and wherever.

I don’t want to tie my computer to my phone.     I don’t want to have to sit at Starbucks or a library to get Internet.  Too distracting anyway.    I am too alert and watch people come and go.    I really don’t want a software company to tell me how to use my computer or how to organize my files.    I hate that.    I don’t like the way Microsoft organizes their files.    My computer experience goes back to the time when we – the end users – were responsible for setting up our folders and organizing where we put the files.    I don’t need a baby sitter.    And this is what Windows Vista and then on has felt like.    We no longer have that control over our files.    It’s our work.    Let us do it.    And Windows 8 runs like there is a virus on my computer even though I have checked it many times over and can only conclude that it is the operating system that makes the machine run so poorly.    I really don’t think it’s the Lenovo.    It seems like an amazing machine – too bad it has Windows 8 on it.     I bet I could have really been on fire with an awesome storm of creativity if this machine had Windows 7 or XP on it.    Those actually worked.

Software Frustration 01 1000hSo the option of doing the Windows 10 – which by it’s even numbered name scares me – has been suggested.    So I have been trying to read a bit about it.    The article on Slash Gear says I’ll need to constantly back up my files, expect crashes, and have hardware problems, but I am already having that with Windows 8.    So what’s new?   (I’m not even sure how to back up my files using the whole Windows 8 OS.)    The new thing is that I am absolutely terrified to keep the Windows 8 or try out the new Windows 10.    It makes me feel like I am going to lose all productivity, and basically that’s what a professional does with a computer.    They do their work.    No work – no pay.    I feel like someone out in the universe is saying – “it sucks to be you” – which I hate.  That’s not the right feeling a person should get from a product that is supposed to be geared for the professional world to function creatively in.

Nervous customers is not a good sign.

Here are some of the articles that I found on Windows 10 that may prove to be helpful.  I especially liked the BBC one.

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