computer-circuit-board RWB 500wThe We Are Technology Team is made up of all kinds of people with various backgrounds and experiences.  The Team brings all of this to the table, and some of us are veterans and some of us are not.  Often our military veteran companions can not or do not wish to speak of experiences during their time of service, so we often politely do not ask too many questions.  And when they do honor us with sharing  their experiences, we are lucky.  Say thank you to the veteran in your life and if they want to share their experiences, listen with an open heart and mind.  Do not judge the actions they had to take to survive.  It is the lack of understanding that causes so much distress for those returning home from military service.  Our civilian world often seems foreign and unreal as if it were some kind hazy dream.  Those of us who are not veterans do not understand what it is like to be in combat.   Honor and respect those who have given away their innocence to protect us.

Gretchen Winkler ©2014
Technology Artist
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