As a company that focuses on business to business sales, marketing has been problematic.  Old conventional sales techniques do not work for a company such as ours.  The billboards, newspaper ads, mailers, and TV commercials work great for companies providing products to a normal consumer based client strategy.  The consumer will see the advertisement with a photo of a great pair of shoes or an awesome trip to an exotic location and be inspired to seek out the product, but we offer services for helping companies that are required to be HIPAA certified, or require banking industry level secure data bases, or that need custom software.  We have a very specific audience.  We cannot post a photo of finished code saying, “Our code is awesome and come on down and get it!”   Even though it is, but often the code is like a secret recipe or nondisclosure material for the client, and you don’t share that information.  So we have to be a part of the new exchange of ideas and connections through social media because we have to be careful on how we spend our marketing funds.  The smart companies in this economic climate are the ones that will get to finish the race, and social media is part of that plan.

And it looks like that is soon to be the way for everyone including those retail companies that can present pictures of products and induce costumers to come and shop.  According to an article in the usage of social media by adults is up 800% over the past 8 years.  I suspect this move is fueled by a poor economy that has forced the general population to choose what is most important to them – and that is their Internet connection and cell phones.  Traditional TV viewing with cable prices hopping up and down not allowing the consumer to do any fiscal planning will be traditional TV’s downfall.  I know many professionals including myself that have stopped using traditional TV for entertainment and watch only what they like at the time when they want, which is done via the Internet through companies such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube.

The days of sending tons of brochures and postcards through the traditional mail system also brings up other concerns not only of the cost and lack of effectiveness, but these items end up in the garbage.  My elderly mother receives piles of catalogues during the Fall gearing up for holiday sales and requests from charities, and she is forced to throw 98% of these things away in the trash.  Sure there is recycling available, but does this all end up being recycled?  Cumulus Technology does not want to enlarge the carbon footprint and pollution problem happening on this planet.  This is one of the reasons why we have found the Mobile App development aspect of our company so agreeable.  No garbage created.

So if you are one of these companies getting ready to take the next step into the new social media marketing, you might want to take a look at the article that inspired this one.

by Gretchen Winkler  ©2013
Technology Artist
Cumulus Technology, Inc.