Transforming our brains with technology or is it marketing?

How technology is transforming our brains is an interesting article to contemplate, and an argument that has been discussed for centuries as the author does eventually point out, but I observed something interesting about how this article was written. To me, it did not flow well and was divided into chunks that did not easily transition but relied upon bold type face and paragraph spaces to suggest a new and different point was being made. Perhaps the author was not fully aware that his writing style has been affected by technology and modern marketing.  Just something to think about as technology continues to change how we think and react. As our world changes with each new development in technology so does our priorities.  Quality written news articles are hastily published, and I find myself rushing as well to put out the latest blog or shared article.  We now live in a society where constant media presence is expect and regarded as highly desirable.  Every author with the responsibility of being the social media director needs to remember that they too are being affected by what they are exposed to. And here is the article that the writer in the above article refers to about The Twitter Trap.