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Custom Software Solution

So why should anyone consider a custom software solution when the market place has so many of the “in the box” software applications that might solve their business software needs? This question has been pondered, no doubt, countless times in boardroom meetings and planning sessions amongst professional teams. Old and long trusted responses have been that custom software is too expensive, not necessary, or that a box software solution will work for awhile and then one can always upgrade. And then the final nail in the coffin on this discussion would be that if custom software was decided upon – who would write it? Great reason for a custom software solution. So custom software is too expensive – is that really true? In some cases custom software may indeed be very expensive, after all the software has to be designed, coded, and then debugged. And the initial cost and effort may seem daunting to some boardroom committees that may baulk at the prospect of bringing such a request to the finance department. But is the custom software solution really more expensive in the long run? How will custom software affect the company in the years to come? Will productivity go up because employees are no longer wasting time fighting with in box solutions that may require extra steps and time? Giving company professionals time to be creative or allowing them to focus on what they are really good at instead of fighting software systems that don’t compliment the company’s focus can prove to be very beneficial. Survival of a business requires the leadership to look at the so called “big picture” and see if one aspect of a company’s infrastructure can change productivity.

Blue Ribbon in Las Vegas, Nevada

It was a clear Las Vegas morning when the Cumulus Technology Team started to prepare for the day that would be the ribbon cutting event with the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce.  One could not ask for a nicer day in Las Vegas.  The weather was perfect with comfortable temperatures. Firehouse setting up the food with the help of Nicolina Davi - Chaz's assistant. A quick photo before everyone arrived to document the occasion. Oh hey! Look it's me posing with the new Las Vegas Metro Chamber plaque and the We Are Technology banner. Chaz Wellington, the Major Accounts Architect –VP Las Vegas Development, did all the ground work to prepare for the occasion that was catered by Firehouse Subs, which - by the way – everyone thoroughly enjoyed.  Georgia Allen, Member Relations Coordinator for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce came with chamber members and assistants to make our celebration official with the Giant Scissors and Big Blue Ribbon that we all signed afterwards. William Sikkens The CEO, William Sikkens, of Cumulus Technology, Inc.  was interviewed by local station Fox 5 Las Vegas and was later presented with certificates from each of the state officials that were in attendance.   After cheerful presentations were made then came the final big ribbon cutting moment followed by photo opportunities, announcements, and introductions by Stevie Kellum of Next Best Bartender.  Cumulus Technology is a Strategic Partner with Next Best Bartender and are the website developers of along with the Mobile App that is soon to be released. Field Representative Stephen Paredes for Congressman Joe Heck making his presentation to William Sikkens and Cumulus Technology.

A Funny Thing happened on the way to the Balloon Races…

Some of the Cumulus Technology Team thought it would fun to take up Jon Myers of Pacific States Communications offer of a place to hang out during the Reno Balloon Races.  We all had been spending a bit too much time on programming projects and needed a bit of fresh air, fun, and something visually inspiring.  So we car pooled up to the Rancho San Rafael Park where the event was held and planned to park at one’s of the team’s parents’ home.  When we arrived about 6:30 am, we were surprised by the sight of a hot air balloon sitting in the field next to the family home. The ground crew had not arrived yet and they had made an unexpected landing, which for us was a fun surprise.  One does not always get the opportunity to see the balloons this close or even talk with the crews.  This balloon crew went by the name of Rubik and had come to the conclusion it was safer to pack up the balloon and go back to the starting point since the field in which they landed in was very close to some power lines and a busy road.  So we watched them during the dawning light of the morning disassemble their lovely rainbow colored balloon and part of our team offered to help them along with one of the neighborhood children.  It was an amazing process that took them less than 7 minutes to complete.  As they finished up their packing process and got all their team members loaded into the truck, we wondered if they really would be able to re-launch again.  And just to prove how small this world is, one of their

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