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User Friendly the Radio Show

Yes, the We Are Technology Team has developed it's first technology radio show called User Friendly.  The original concept was for a TV Technology show that was brain stormed by the California We Are Technology Team, but since Bill Sikkens appearance on live radio had been  well received, a decision was made to first put together a radio show and then consider the TV show project. Today will be the first airing of the User Friendly Radio Show with Bill Sikkens as the host and several We Are Technology Team members filling the roles as co-host and interviewer.  Bill Sikkens has become well known for his appearances on Tech Tuesdays with host Dan Mason on KKOH on 780 AM radio.   The User Friendly Radio Show is currently set to air on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM PT on Fox radio 101.3FM and will be played on Fox Stations throughout the US.  If you can't get a chance to listen to the show on the radio, go to our Media Library page to find the YouTube links to the various appearances. Media library - click here. G. Winkler - Technology Artist - (c) 2014 Cumulus Technology - the "We Are Technology" people

Net Neutrality

This is a really important topic for everyone that loves technology, everyone who wants to work with technology, and everyone who wants to invent/develop things that work with technology.  I don't know how to emphasize this any greater.  It's really important.   And I hate politics, but this is something that everyone should be looking at closely. Allowing company's - ISPs - the ability to censor what is affordable and what is not - is a big step in losing another major freedom in our lives and it will only hurt the poor and startup/small business owners.  It could also open doors for businesses with political or religious agendas to censor what they think is fit for their customers to see.  This is no joke.  I have had personal experience with emails being censored by an ISP company because they did like an email with a swear word in it.  (I have a friend who swears a lot in his emails - and his messages were being held back because of an outsider's opinion of what is right and wrong.)  It should be up to me to decide if my friend should not swear in emails to me and not some company that is supposed to be providing Internet and cable service. I came across this article on the BBC that I wanted to share.  They write so well and explain the situation much better than I can.  Please read this and be aware of how your technological rights may be decided by strangers who may not like you or think the same way you do. G. Winkler (c) 2014 Technology Artist We Are Technology by Cumulus Technology

Resume’ via Smart Phone = Job

Here's a chance for everyone to feel a bit older...  If you want to apply for a job, forget about walking into a company's location and introducing yourself with a nice crisp printed resume' in your hand. Instead you will submit it by a smart phone. My head is still spinning from this idea, but it seems to be the direction that things are going, and according to the article on, that is the future.  Apparently our facebook, Linkedin, and Google+ accounts are about to get a lot more important than they used to be.  Better stop playing those Zinga games and posting silly pictures about dogs and cats because your profile will be evaluated for it's content.  We have seen this happen in the past where employers would basically spy on their employees' personal lives and snoop around their facebook profiles, which in some cases resulted in dismissal.  Regardless of which side you take, snooping on someone's private life is less than admirable, but skipping work to go to a ball game and then posting on social media is just plain foolish. But now this concept of social media may take society in a step further into the complications of social pretentiousness.  Personally, I think Linkedin is the best place to cultivate a professional social profile while facebook is more geared for sharing vacation and family pet photos. To read more about this direction of technology and employment, please click here. G. Winkler (c) 2014 Technology Artist Cumulus Technology

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More Technology Talk on KCBS – Feb. 28 at 9:30Am Pacific Time

KCBS is the World’s First Broadcasting Station.  The station started out as a hobby of scientist Charles Herrold.  Herrold and his engineering students scheduled their first programming in 1909 on a 14 watt transmitter in San Jose, a full 12 years before radio licenses were issued. KCBS is also among the most honored radio stations in the United States, winning every major national award for excellence in broadcast journalism. These awards include the Peabody Award, the duPont-Columbia Award, five Edward R. Murrow Awards for Overall Excellence from the national Radio-TV News Directors Association, the Sigma Delta Chi Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, and the Crystal Award for public service from the National Association of Broadcasters. It is with great pride that Cumulus Technology will now take part in that long pioneer history of radio technology, and be alongside shows such as 60 Minutes and Face the Nation.  KCBS is now 105 years old.  The interview will be conducted by 30 year veteran of Northern California Radio, Stan Bunger. To check out the interview tune in at 9:30Am Pacific Time on 740 AM and 106.9 FM in the San Francisco Bay area or listen via the Internet.  Just go to the link and click the "LISTEN LIVE" button on the right hand side of the website.

Transforming our brains with technology or is it marketing?

How technology is transforming our brains is an interesting article to contemplate, and an argument that has been discussed for centuries as the author does eventually point out, but I observed something interesting about how this article was written. To me, it did not flow well and was divided into chunks that did not easily transition but relied upon bold type face and paragraph spaces to suggest a new and different point was being made. Perhaps the author was not fully aware that his writing style has been affected by technology and modern marketing.  Just something to think about as technology continues to change how we think and react. As our world changes with each new development in technology so does our priorities.  Quality written news articles are hastily published, and I find myself rushing as well to put out the latest blog or shared article.  We now live in a society where constant media presence is expect and regarded as highly desirable.  Every author with the responsibility of being the social media director needs to remember that they too are being affected by what they are exposed to. And here is the article that the writer in the above article refers to about The Twitter Trap.

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Do we need a Mobile App?

This is the question that is often verbalized in Sales Team and Marketing offices all over. It’s a good question to ask. And since Cumulus Technology is a provider of custom Mobile Apps, we should be able to answer this question every time one of our clients asks us if they need one. It is not our general mode of operation to simply say that everyone needs an App, but an App can help solve problems, encourage customers to go to a location, or simply offer information and give a company a mobile online presence, which in this age is a growing necessity. Years ago not everyone wanted or felt they needed a website, but now if your company does not have some kind of web presence, your company may be passed by due to the simple fact that today’s shoppers search for what they want online. Even if that’s just them using a mobile map service to find your company’s location and if you are off the grid, then you may not be selected. An amazing variety of Apps to select from Deciding on the purpose for your company’s mobile app is vital. A company should not bother with having an App just for the sake of having an App. This will result in money being spent on something that does not bring results and will make the accounting department tear out their hair. Decide on a purpose and then develop the content. Good up to date content will make the difference between money well spent and an app that serves no purpose. Some companies do not want a public mobile app for their customers but want something that allow enhance the

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