Do we need a Mobile App?

This is the question that is often verbalized in Sales Team and Marketing offices all over. It’s a good question to ask. And since Cumulus Technology is a provider of custom Mobile Apps, we should be able to answer this question every time one of our clients asks us if they need one. It is not our general mode of operation to simply say that everyone needs an App, but an App can help solve problems, encourage customers to go to a location, or simply offer information and give a company a mobile online presence, which in this age is a growing necessity. Years ago not everyone wanted or felt they needed a website, but now if your company does not have some kind of web presence, your company may be passed by due to the simple fact that today’s shoppers search for what they want online. Even if that’s just them using a mobile map service to find your company’s location and if you are off the grid, then you may not be selected. An amazing variety of Apps to select from Deciding on the purpose for your company’s mobile app is vital. A company should not bother with having an App just for the sake of having an App. This will result in money being spent on something that does not bring results and will make the accounting department tear out their hair. Decide on a purpose and then develop the content. Good up to date content will make the difference between money well spent and an app that serves no purpose. Some companies do not want a public mobile app for their customers but want something that allow enhance the