We Are Technology’s Expertise in Social Media Technology

social media application development

Credibility and trust are earned by businesses that encourage their customers and non-customers to participate in the social web community — asking for feedback, opinions and suggestions. An open and honest dialog fosters long-term business relationships with customers.

Social media  application development should become an integral part of your marketing efforts and a major source of customer and potential customer feedback and analysis. Potential customers view your marketing message to learn about your products and services, and view social media feedback, opinions and suggestions as a way to validate your offerings.

We Are Technology wants to develop social media systems for your business — systems designed to grow your customer base and generate loyalty with existing customers. Our video solution development experience, combined with software development expertise, enables us to do so.

As a vibrant web development company, we have expert knowledge of Web 2.0 technology, the high-level skills to build a social media community and the expertise to integrate social network features into your web applications.

Our social media application development competence ranges from API-based integration with leading social network hubs like Twitter, Facebook or Google+, to the development of aggregation platforms, blogging and social bookmarking solutions. We Are Technology is here to help!

We Are Technology’s Social Media Services

  • Custom Social Networks

We Are Technology builds custom, full-fledged social networks and communities that allow users to share opinions via individual posts or group discussions.

  • Video Messaging

Live video or recorded video allows visitors to your social network to share thoughts and experiences that generate interest in your site. We Are Technology leverages Web 2.0 technology to develop video messaging applications that create a compelling experience.

  • Social Bookmarking

We Are Technology develops high impact bookmarking techniques that enable participants to organize content, share content and create interest groups. These applications and techniques allow participants to add tags, browse tag clouds to find topics of interest and stay with your social network or join other aficionado social networks and social communities and take part in collective problem-solving.

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