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Turn to We Are Technologyfor your PHP application development services.

PHP 7 now available.

We Are Technology is uniquely positioned in terms of staff, company size and experience to provide quality PHP development services. Our clients have found the following principles reason to turn to We Are Technology when choosing development and testing services:

  •  Certification. We Are Technology programmers are certified by eLance and BCT Certification Partners for PHP and combined language development. This assurance allows you to know that you will receive the top quality service and code.
  • Custom Code Development. For more than 15-years our expert programmers have been developing custom source code.  This means  your product will NOT be developed to a content generator but, instead will use code specifically designed for your project.  This creates much faster, more Agile web applications.
  • Experienced management. Our executive leaders have decades of combined experience in PHP application development. We have worked on both sides of the domestic and offshore development equation, and address the advantages and potential issues of outsourced development by using programmers in the United States and Europe.
  • Quality. Quality Assurance is our hallmark; testing is our core service. Testing schemes are devised before the first line of code is written. We will not accept PHP application development projects that do not require testing as a core function.
  • Resources. While we are an independent software vendor, our clients must realize we do not tackle part-time projects. At a minimum, our PHP application development projects must require at least one full-time PHP developer for a project. We do not juggle projects, but rather focus our resources from the start of the project to its conclusion.
  • Communication. Our clients need to know where We Are Technology stands on project phases, and this requires – and we provide – regular progress reports on projects and issues. These meetings ensure the team, team leaders and project owners are always on the same page.

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