Tech is important – especially when you work in an industry that relies on it, and in 2017 that’s almost everything. It is amazing how technology has changed things so much.

I can remember a time not so long ago that in order to participate in something like a radio show like I do with KXL you would have to be in the studio. You could call in but you would be able to tell that you were on the air over the phone. It worked, but it was obvious.

Today technology allows you to be able to participate from your home office or other remote location – and it sounds like your at a mic in the studio. This is great – as we are starting to prepare for season 4 of our 1 hour format we have completely upgraded the studio. Digital mixers, mics, and the ability to tie conferencing right into the board. I’m looking forward to our guests for this year – we are going to have some great people because they can participate from wherever they are!

We are also going to be publishing season 1 as podcasts – I’ll post the link when it’s available.