This is the question that is often verbalized in Sales Team and Marketing offices all over. It’s a good question to ask. And since Cumulus Technology is a provider of custom Mobile Apps, we should be able to answer this question every time one of our clients asks us if they need one. It is not our general mode of operation to simply say that everyone needs an App, but an App can help solve problems, encourage customers to go to a location, or simply offer information and give a company a mobile online presence, which in this age is a growing necessity. Years ago not everyone wanted or felt they needed a website, but now if your company does not have some kind of web presence, your company may be passed by due to the simple fact that today’s shoppers search for what they want online. Even if that’s just them using a mobile map service to find your company’s location and if you are off the grid, then you may not be selected.

An amazing variety of Apps to select from

An amazing variety of Apps to select from

Deciding on the purpose for your company’s mobile app is vital. A company should not bother with having an App just for the sake of having an App. This will result in money being spent on something that does not bring results and will make the accounting department tear out their hair. Decide on a purpose and then develop the content. Good up to date content will make the difference between money well spent and an app that serves no purpose. Some companies do not want a public mobile app for their customers but want something that allow enhance the work experience. Does your company need better communication? Does the data need to be constantly updated and ready for use? Do your employees need to be able to keep track of something more efficiently? A Mobile App can help with these kinds of business needs.

If a Mobile App is something that you want for your company, a good place to start is the following steps:

  1. Decide on the purpose of the Mobile App – what do you or your company want the Mobile App to achieve?
  2. Come up with ideas on how to achieve this goal. – Is this just an online presence to let customers know where you are and that you are available? Do you want to entice them to come in by offering a special deal on a certain product or service by mentioning the Mobile App? Are you wanting to inform customers about special events that they may wish to attend such a band concert, dance night, summer lunch specials, or a karaoke night? Or is it something as simple as a message that their dry cleaning is ready or a package is waiting for them?
  3. Next step is to develop content – You will want up to date information and possibly photos and artwork. Having all of this ready will allow the Mobile App Developer to have a clearer idea of how to program what you need. It will also take less time if you have what you need ready to supply to the programmer. Proof read everything. There can never be enough proof reading. Check spelling and content carefully. Try reading the content aloud to make sure it sounds right, and then hand it off to another person whom you know has the skills to notice those important details. This can make the difference between making your company look professional or foolish.
  4. The final step is to obtain the services of a reputable Mobile App Developer. Don’t get sucked in by a real low price, you may get what you paid for – a cheap product. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great Mobile App, but you do need to ask questions and even ask for some examples of the developers work. Check out websites like Yelp and the BBB.

A Mobile App can be a fantastic way to give your company a mobile online presence.

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