Tech is important - especially when you work in an industry that relies on it, and in 2017 that's almost everything. It is amazing how technology has changed things so much. I can remember a time not so long ago that in order to participate in something like a radio show like I do with KXL you would have to be in the studio. You could call in but you would be able to tell that you were on the air over the phone. It worked, but it was obvious. Today technology allows you to be able to participate from your home office or other remote location - and it sounds like your at a mic in the studio. This is great - as we are starting to prepare for season 4 of our 1 hour format we have completely upgraded the studio. Digital mixers, mics, and the ability to tie conferencing right into the board. I'm looking forward to our guests for this year - we are going to have some great people because they can participate from wherever they are! We are also going to be publishing season 1 as podcasts - I'll post the link when it's available.

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User Friendly the Radio Show

Yes, the We Are Technology Team has developed it's first technology radio show called User Friendly.  The original concept was for a TV Technology show that was brain stormed by the California We Are Technology Team, but since Bill Sikkens appearance on live radio had been  well received, a decision was made to first put together a radio show and then consider the TV show project. Today will be the first airing of the User Friendly Radio Show with Bill Sikkens as the host and several We Are Technology Team members filling the roles as co-host and interviewer.  Bill Sikkens has become well known for his appearances on Tech Tuesdays with host Dan Mason on KKOH on 780 AM radio.   The User Friendly Radio Show is currently set to air on Tuesday mornings at 10 AM PT on Fox radio 101.3FM and will be played on Fox Stations throughout the US.  If you can't get a chance to listen to the show on the radio, go to our Media Library page to find the YouTube links to the various appearances. Media library - click here. G. Winkler - Technology Artist - (c) 2014 Cumulus Technology - the "We Are Technology" people

Spyware – everywhere?

I have to thank the BBC again for writing about stuff I never see here at home.  And I am sure that I might find articles like these somewhere if I dig into the depths of informational websites that only hard core programmers frequent, but what about our clients, who for the most part are business people that just want to protect their company's digital systems.  Spyware, malware, and viruses are a business nightmare and can cause all kinds work related issues, legal problems, and lose of clientele.   Nobody wants any of these things to happen. But this article steps into a darker and more mysterious realm of what these nasty negative softwares can be related to.  It seems that some of it is not just the common criminal or hacker wanting to make a name for himself.  This is actual spy stuff - like James Bond and international intrigue. So if you want to know more about what could be lurking out there in the cyber world of international politics, just click on this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-25054229 G. Winkler (c) 2013

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Mobile Phone Market Share – Android clear leader

Cumulus Technology is proud to develop for all the mobile platforms.  It is important to have your application reach as large of a market share as possible.  Below is an article from Fox News outlining the current market share of each mobile environment.  Google is currently on top. --Bill Sikkens, Cumulus Technology CEO Published August 08, 2013 The Wall Street Journal Google's Android software continues to steamroll the competition in smartphones, posing bigger problems for companies like Apple and BlackBerry. New data Wednesday from research firm IDC found that Apple's share of the global market slid to 13.2 percent in the second quarter from 16.6 percent in the year-earlier period. Handsets running Android, meanwhile, jumped to 79.3 percent from 69.1 percent. The signs are particularly ominous for one-time market leader BlackBerry, despite some high-profile product announcements recently. Devices running its software accounted for just 2.9 percent of global smartphone shipments in the three months ended in June, compared with 4.9 percent for the same period in 2012. Android is given away free to handset makers by Google, whose strategy is to make money on advertising associated with mobile devices. It has long powered smartphones offered by industry giant Samsung, but has lately also benefited by Chinese companies such as Lenovo, Huawei and ZTE. that are grabbing a bigger chunk of the smartphone market. "You are seeing tremendous growth in the developing world," said Steve Mollenkopf, president and operating chief of mobile chip giant Qualcomm Inc. Companies selling there are "picking up Android and driving that." Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/tech/2013/08/08/iphone-sinks-as-android-seizes-market-share/?intcmp=obnetwork#ixzz2bOlXHVLD

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iWatch trademarks could cause headaches for Apple’s smartwatch

By Grant Brunner on July 6, 2013 at 8:00 am Apple’s hotly anticipated smartwatch has been gaining substantial traction in the rumor mill lately, and a lot of that is thanks to patent and trademark sleuthing being done around the world. Apple has filed trademarks for the name iWatch across Asia and Latin America, but it seems that Cupertino will face trademark issues in the European Union and the United States. As it turns out, “iWatch” is already trademarked by two separate companies. After doing a bit of poking around in the Intellectual Property Office, MacWorld UK is reporting that a company named Probendi Inc. has had a trademark for the iWatch name in the European Union since 2008. Probendi isn’t in the smartwatch market, though. Instead, it uses “iWatch” as the name of a mobile streaming app. On the other side of the ocean, the New York Post is reporting that a company called OMG Electronics has filed a trademark on “iWatch,” and plans to sell a smartwatch under that name in the United States. This sounds bad. Surely, Apple will be forced to name its smartwatch something else, right? Not so fast. We’ve seen this same situation play out before in 2007 with the launch of the iPhone. Cisco owned a trademark on the iPhone name, and many pundits were sure Apple would end up changing the name of its smartphone. Instead, Apple used its legal team and massive war chest to come to an agreement with Cisco. Just because there are a few roadblocks in the way, don’t assume that Apple will turn tail and run away from the conflict.                       Yesterday,

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