Thank you…. Veterans

The We Are Technology Team is made up of all kinds of people with various backgrounds and experiences.  The Team brings all of this to the table, and some of us are veterans and some of us are not.  Often our military veteran companions can not or do not wish to speak of experiences during their time of service, so we often politely do not ask too many questions.  And when they do honor us with sharing  their experiences, we are lucky.  Say thank you to the veteran in your life and if they want to share their experiences, listen with an open heart and mind.  Do not judge the actions they had to take to survive.  It is the lack of understanding that causes so much distress for those returning home from military service.  Our civilian world often seems foreign and unreal as if it were some kind hazy dream.  Those of us who are not veterans do not understand what it is like to be in combat.   Honor and respect those who have given away their innocence to protect us. Gretchen Winkler ©2014 Technology Artist Cumulus Technology, Inc. – the “We Are Technology” people

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Jelastic – The Most interesting Developer

Being the person in charge of the social media is often time consuming especially when one starts surfing through the web getting caught up in other people's social media.  It was a couple of months ago that I found myself caught up in a Tweet from Jelastic.  It was basically an invitation to help them find the world's most interesting software developer.  And my mind started buzzing with the fact that our Bill Sikkens was a pretty interesting and unusual software programmer with a very wide background of experiences and interests.  So I courageously dived in with the notion that my friend should be the most interesting developer in the world! Okay, maybe I am getting carried away here, but he does have a pretty interesting background and knowledge base.  So I wrote up a quick submission to Jelastic and warned Bill of my submission for him to be considered.  And guess what? He has been named one of the Most Interesting Developers for the month of August.  To read their article about him just follow the link below. Who knows where this will lead, but it has been good fun while getting caught up in the wave of social media.

Not Born in the Last Century – Change in Technology

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with friends and family this past weekend, and it was good fun.  And after the matinee was over, we all went out to get something to eat.  Now the range of ages in this dinner party was from age 11 to 67 and the topic of technology came up since one of our dinner companions was pleased to find out that We Are Technology does do Mobile App Development.  But the discussion did not end there with the normal, “Oh good, I will let my friend know that you can help her with that project and so forth.”  The topic eventually morphed into what technology we had when we were kids - or more accurately – what technology we did NOT have as kids. It was at this point that our eleven year old companion that was enjoying his plate full of shrimp became more interested in the topic at hand.  We proceeded to explain to him that there were no cell phones when we were kids and that we had to go to a phone booth and pay for calls away from home.  We also explained that computers as they are now did not exist and one had to type letters and papers on a typewriter, and that it was sometimes frustrating when one made a typing error because it forced the typist to start all over again at least until liquid paper was invented.  Teachers did not have copy machines or printers available, they had to use ditto machines or mimeographs to make handouts or tests for their students. This change in technology has probably broader implications than what is fully realized at the

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