Founded in 1997, the WeAreTechnology team has been working together for over 19 years to develop its high standards of creativity, productivity, and customer service. Throughout that time we have seen old friends go on to new projects and added new talent to our ever expanding team of experts. With clients in over 50 countries, we are now all over the world with team members on both the west and east coasts of the United States and numerous countries in Europe with plans of adding a sales team to Iceland very soon. We have come a long way from a single location and as quality will always remain the focal point, we shall continue to grow.

Working with We Are Technology provides you with the following benefits:

  • Pocket friendly pricing
  • Increased productivity and ROI
  • Faster development time
  • Quality
  • Dedicated resources and deliverables with lasting stability
  • Professionalism,  reliability and dependability

Best of all, you get We Are Technology’s world-class standards. These standards let us provide our clients with reliable, cost-effective and error-free software applicatiWe Are Technologyons. Our first-rate developers use the Rapid Application Development (RAD) software methodology. By doing so, we can focus on your business goals and keep you involved in every stage of the project. This meticulous approach continues to help us to maintain our excellent reputation.

We Are Technology, Incorporated is a United States company based in Portland, Oregon.

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