Arrived at HouseSome of the Cumulus Technology Team thought it would fun to take up Jon Myers of Pacific States Communications offer of a place to hang out during the Reno Balloon Races.  We all had been spending a bit too much time on programming projects and needed a bit of fresh air, fun, and something visually inspiring.  So we car pooled up to the Rancho San Rafael Park where the event was held and planned to park at one’s of the team’s parents’ home.  When we arrived about 6:30 am, we were surprised by the sight of a hot air balloon sitting in the field next to the family home.

The ground crew had not arrived yet and they had made an unexpected landing, which for us was a fun surprise.  One does not always get the opportunity to see the balloons this close or even talk with the crews.  This balloon crew went by the name of Rubik and had come to the conclusion it was safer to pack up the balloon and go back to the starting point since the field in which they landed in was very close to some power lines and a busy road.  So we watched them during the dawning light of the morning disassemble their lovely rainbow colored balloon and part of our team offered to help them along with one of the neighborhood children.  It was an amazing process that took them less than 7 minutes to complete.  As they finished up their packing process and got all their team members loaded into the truck, we wondered if they really would be able to re-launch again. 

Rubik Balloon 03And just to prove how small this world is, one of their team members that received one of our business cards realized that he knew our company.  He worked for VMware, and we had worked on the Go Pro Quiz for VMware.  It was a funny coincidence since most of our clients are out of state.

We walked quickly to the park and watched as the splendor of color ascended into the sky while music could be heard from the main sound stage.  It is a fun 3 day event that is free to the public Stuffing balloon into bag 02and a great experience for families in this time of tight budgets.  Hardly a soul could be seen without some sort of camera or smart phone clicking upward to the sky that was now filled balloons.  We found our destination – the hospitality tent of Pacific States Communication where we were offered a place to sit along with coffee and muffins, which we grateful to receive.  It was a great morning and I wondered if we would see the Rubik Balloon again aloft.

Most of the balloons were off the ground and the early morning crowds were wanting to leave while the late morning crowd was showing up and enjoying the sight and perusing the vendors.  I Balloon loadedkept looking for the Rubik Balloon and sure enough far across the setup area, we saw the colorful balloon filled with air once more and ascend into the sky to join it’s brethren that were already aloft.  I was impressed with how quickly they deflated their balloon and packed it up, so one can only guess they used the same skill and teamwork to re-inflate.

We all walked away with a smile on our faces after this morning’s adventure.  I think it is very important for our Cumulus Technology Team to relax and do something fun or interesting.  It is very healthy for the creative process, and yes, programmers are creative people.  It’s just a different kind of creative.  I think more field trips will be planned for the “We are Technology” Team in the near future.

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