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User Friendly is a show dedicated to all the lovers, dreamers, and slaves of technology. Whether it is a hot new business software, an amazing invention to assist the impaired, an exciting new video game, the latest concepts for cosplay, or just something fun and entertaining, User Friendly wants to share knowledge about those topics. While cruising for great science break through stories and testing our RPG skills, we keep you informed about the latest greatest and even touch on those amazing things of the past. Tune in every week to hear about technology that may surprise and impress you or perhaps discover something you really need for your business, your home, or your personal life.

 User Friendly, The Radio Show On Demand

Season Episode Title Listen Air Date Topics
4 4 5 Geeze Click to Listen February 24, 2017 KXL Morning News – What is 5G Wireless – tune in to learn!
4 3 Hacking the Presidency Click to Listen February 9, 2017 KXL Morning News – Over 70% of the Washington D.C. Security Cameras were hacked 3 days before the inauguration.

Season Episode Title Listen Air Date Topics
3 21 VR For the Holidays Click to Listen December 9, 2016 KXL Morning News – Join us for a review of the new Virtual Reality devices for the holidays this year.
3 20 Cord Cutters Click to Listen November 11, 2016 KXL Morning News – Learn how to get live pay TV at a fraction of the cost – and say goodbye to your cable provider in the process.
3 18 911 Nonsense Click to Listen October 28, 2016 KXL Morning News – Fake 911 calls stream into a call center from a Facebook link – don’t let this happen to you!
3 17 Mouth to Ear Click to Listen October 14, 2016 KXL Morning News – With 2016 being the year of the hacks, what is a secure way to communicate?
3 16 The Battery Blowups, Part Two Click to Listen September 16, 2016 KXL Morning News – Samsung Note 7 is still hot – a little too hot. Today we have the latest on the recall and exploding phones.
3 15 The Battery Blowups, Part One Click to Listen September 2, 2016 KXL Morning News – Samsung Note – about the recall and exploding devices.
3 12 Yahoo! Click to Listen July 22, 2016 KXL Morning News – What do the changes with Yahoo! and Verizon mean for you?
3 11 High Tech Car Theft Click to Listen July 8, 2016 KXL Morning News – Car Thieves can now steel your wheels without a screwdriver. Learn how to protect yourself.
3 9 It’s not free for long Click to Listen June 24, 2016 KXL Morning News – Windows 10 will only be a free upgrade for another week – get it while you can!
3 8 Floppy Nukes Click to Listen May 29, 2016 KXL Morning News – The Nuclear Launch computers are so old they still use floppy discs. Join us today for details and how this could effect you.
3 7 Smart Phones Dumb Terminal Click to Listen May 13, 2016 KXL Morning News – A look at Smart Phones – some are smarter than others.
3 6 Smart Card Dumb Terminal Click to Listen April 15, 2015 KXL Morning News – Our topics today include the new SMART/CHIP cards – is it all worth it?
3 5 Laptop Reviews Click to Listen April 8, 2016 KXL Morning News – Join us for a review of the newest laptop technology for this year.
3 4 U.S. Loses Control Click to Listen April 1, 2016 KXL Morning News – We discuss the United States giving up control of the Internet.
3 3 Infrastructure Threatened Click to Listen March 21, 2016 KXL Morning News – Topics include hacks on a dam and the nations infustructure
3 2 Digital Attack! Click to Listen March 11, 2016 KXL Morning News – Topics include the digital attack of Nissan and Donald Trumps website and networks
3 1 Windows 10 Click to Listen March 11, 2016 KXL Morning News

Season Episode Title Listen Run Time Air Date Topics
2 2 Apple 2014 S2E2 Click to Listen 43:33 September 25, 2014 Join us for this weeks trending tech news. Our guest this week covers the Apple show and new product announcements.
2 1 Renewables S2E1 Click to Listen 44:11 September 3, 2014 Join us for this weeks trending tech news. Our guest this week is Steve Mason, expert on alternative energy and Bio Data Centers.

1 6 Memories of Silicon Valley S1E6 Click Here 48:31 June 24, 2014 Our guest this week is retired Morgan Hill police officer Sargent Jim Freeze who recalls the growth of Silicon Valley.  User Friendly, The Radio Show
1 5 Graphic Design and Media S1E5 Click Here 47:49 June 17, 2014 Join us as we explore the topics of computer graphic design, digital printing and augmented reality. Also trending technology news topics of the day.
1 4 Computer Games S1E4 Click Here 48:11 June 10, 2014 E3 Gamers Convention is this week. Join us for coverage on what is happening in the video game industry.
1 3 Casino Gaming and Technology S1E3 Click Here 24:15 June 3, 2014 The web turns 25, technology from Apple and our Guest is a 20 veteran in casino technology.
1 2 Keeping it Secure S1E2 Click Here 24:10 May 27, 2014 eBay Hack, Chip and PIN and Data Security plus several new cool tech products.
1 1 Pilot S1E1 Click Here 24:13 May 20, 2014 Net Neutrality iPhone 6 AT&T Merger and more




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